Middle East Briefing is part of the Asia Briefing stable of international business, trade, and investment publications. The business is owned entirely by the Dezan Shira & Associates foreign investment practice, who provide the content from professionals from their 30 regional offices across the Asian region.

At Middle East Briefing, we aim to accomplish two avenues: Provide professional information concerning foreign investment and trade into the Middle East, including market intelligence, legal, tax and compliance advisory for foreign investors interested in the region.

Secondly, we aim to showcase the increasing trade and investment relations between the Middle East and South Asia and explain where the dynamics and opportunities are for Middle Eastern based companies in the rest of Asia. Both these elements are vital components parts for business development in Eurasia, and are provided by Dezan Shira & Associates, an Asia-wide professional services firm concentrated on the Asian market.

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For professional assistance and enquiries about doing business in the Middle East region, please contact our Dubai offices at dubai@dezshira.com


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