Choosing Dubai as Your Investment Base and Setting Up in the IFZA


Based in Dubai, IFZA is a dynamic international Free Zone community that leverages the UAE’s strategic location and world-class infrastructure to benefit established micro, small, and medium enterprises, as well as startups.

By Claire Wang

Why Dubai? Its global business environment

Business setup in Dubai offers leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups a chance to work in a safe, stable, dynamic and business-friendly environment that offers a host of world-class lifestyle choices in an ecosystem designed for growth.

Government policies and initiatives focus on diversifying and expanding the economy, including the Government’s Agenda D33, whose goal is to double the size of Dubai’s economy over the next decade and to consolidate its position among the top three global cities in the world.

Strategically located between the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai’s central location allows businesses to seamlessly trade with Asian and European markets. This is enabled by world-class infrastructure, airports, seaports and global mobility that make the process of movement of goods fast and efficient.

Company formation in the UAE is also facilitated by its safe, liberal legal framework that has made it the foremost recipient of FDI in the Arab World. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) World Investment Report 2022, the UAE remained the largest recipient of FDI in the region.

This is complemented by the country’s favorable tax regime, including no personal income tax and the recently introduced low rate of 9 percent corporate tax which is well below the global average of almost 23 percent.

The UAE’s reputation as a haven for the global wealth will see it attract 4,500 new millionaires, according to the Henley & Partners Private Wealth Migration Report 2023.

Dubai has also proven its ability to make swift decisions that mean it can act with agility and adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment. This decisiveness is reflected in the UAE’s commitment to take on an increasing responsibility and role in contributing to the big questions facing the planet.

The UAE is the permanent host country of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the first country to sign and ratify the Paris Agreement, and was the host the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) in 2023.

In its push toward a more diversified, knowledge-based economy, Dubai has introduced progressive policies toward industrial acceleration, developing the innovation sector with a strong focus on AI, and an emphasis on entrepreneurship within the region. As a strong diverse economy, Dubai wants to attract and retain quality investors and talent.

Beyond business, the UAE offers a high quality of life, with a range of world-class options to live, study, raise a family and thrive in a safe and secure community where more than 200 nationalities thrive in harmony.

Among the new policies enacted in the UAE is the introduction of a wide range of Visa options for entrepreneurs, executives, people of exceptional skills and outstanding students to live, work and invest in the UAE for up to 10 years. These policies complement the economic measures that Dubai has taken to ensure that it will continue to be the preferred destination for companies and people who want to take advantage of its opportunities.

Dubai is globally known as a vibrant melting pot of cultures. At any given day, over 200 nationalities live in peaceful harmony and coexistence not only in Dubai, but also across the rest of the Emirates.

The UAE has many highly regarded International Schools that have growing numbers of students across seven emirates.

Introducing the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

Based in Dubai, IFZA is a dynamic international Free Zone community that leverages the UAE’s strategic location and world-class infrastructure to benefit established micro, small, and medium enterprises, as well as startups.

The Free Zone facilitates ease of entry for international businesses into Dubai’s landscape by providing fast and efficient Free Zone company establishment. One of the ways this is done is through a network of 1,500+ IFZA Authorized Partners and Consultants around the world who are specifically trained to support business owners in the “IFZA Way”. Partners and Licensees also benefit from the Free Zone’s multinational approach through its multilingual staff, coming from more than 40 nationalities.

Beyond company formation in Dubai, the IFZA extends support for the growth of its business community through an ever-expanding ecosystem of products and services, including commercial real estate, tailored health insurance packages, dedicated corporate banking support, professional training, and corporate social responsibility. The IFZA Business Ecosystem is designed to grow along with the needs of its business community.

IFZA has played the role of a business facilitator and enabler that brings businesses and entrepreneurs from the rest of the world to Dubai and optimises their opportunities so their business setups can create an impact from Dubai to the world.

Looking toward the future, the UAE will continue to offer a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world.

IFZA is the perfect solution for business expansion to Dubai and beyond.

IFZA provides various license options and business activities to meet the needs of both small local ventures and large international businesses. For example, it offers licenses for professional consultancy services across industries such as technical and lifestyle services. A commercial license allows businesses to trade, import, and export a wide range of compliant goods within and beyond the UAE. Additionally, foreign-incorporated companies can register a branch at IFZA. – IFZA Dubai


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