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Establishing A Representative Office In The UAE


Using the Emirates as a base to reach out to the Middle East, Africa & South Asia. Establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may pave the way for a complete change of direction in your business life and professional environment. The UAE is a nation of experimentation, investment, and can provide the rewards of being the transit link between East and West.

The Halal Market In China: Certification Processes


While China is not considered a major halal food manufacturing hub, halal food and drinks production has witnessed great growth in China. In this article, we introduce what is Halal, the motives for a business to get a halal certification, and the procedures to get a halal certification in China.

Investing In Indonesia’s Halal Market: A US$200 Billion Opportunity For Middle East Businesses


Indonesia’s Government Regulation 39 of 2021 (GR 39/2021) sets out the requirements for businesses to obtain Halal certification for their goods and services. Under the law, products that enter, circulate, and are traded in Indonesia must be Halal certified. To obtain certification, businesses must first apply to the Halal Product Assurance Agency. The agency will […]

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