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Saudi Mutual Fund Opens Doors to Chinese Investors for the First Time


U.S.-backed Huatai-PineBridge Fund Management Co. Ltd. has applied to establish the first mutual fund accessible to Chinese mainland investors, tracking the Saudi Arabian stock market and marking a potential milestone in cross-border investment.

Establishing A Representative Office In The UAE


Using the Emirates as a base to reach out to the Middle East, Africa & South Asia. Establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may pave the way for a complete change of direction in your business life and professional environment. The UAE is a nation of experimentation, investment, and can provide the rewards of being the transit link between East and West.

The Middle East’s Tax, Investment, and Trade Agreements with Hong Kong


Hong Kong has signed several double tax avoidance and bilateral investment treaties with countries in the Middle East, helping to facilitate trade and investment and boost cooperation between the two regions. We provide an overview of the current HK investment treaties in place with countries in the Middle East and discuss how they help protect […]

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