The New UAE ID Card: Registration Form And QR Code Applications — An Explainer


The new mandatory UAE ID has an updated registration form, which allows residents to track their application’s status and change the date for their annual fingerprint scanning, according to an announcement made by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). The ID card is required by all foreign residents such as those running businesses based in and living in the UAE.

According to the ICP, the new Emirates ID Card Registration Form has been updated to simplify the application process. “We developed the Emirates ID Card Registration Form to reflect the visual identity and facilitate customer procedures” the ICP stated.

There are seven new updates to the new Emirates ID form:

  • A redesign to better reflect the ICP’s corporate identity.
  • Now includes the applicant’s photo image
  • Adds a QR code to track the status of new Emirates ID applications.
  •  Provides details on the steps for applying for the Emirates ID, including the applicant’s biometric data and latest medical test results (such as for covid protocols)
  • Provides a QR code for the ‘Customer Voice Gateway’. Applicants can scan the code, which will take them directly to the ‘Customer Voice Gateway’ web portal, which handles queries related to ICP services and applications.
  • Includes the name and contact details of the courier company delivering the ID.
  • Includes the applicants email address for urgent contact (such as for mislaid cards).

There is also another QR code that allows the applicant to modify the date for their annual Emirates ID fingerprint scan.

The application procedure has also been refined and made easier. After the typing centre fills out the application online and submits it on the ICP website, they will now print off the registration form and give it directly to the applicant.

Applicants can then use the new features of the application form to get details about their application and the steps they need to follow next.

The new form also now includes the fingerprint appointment details – the date, time, location and reference number. Applicants who are applying for an Emirates ID for the first time are required to provide their biometric data for the card.

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