UAE Coordinating INSTC Freight With Turkmenistan


The President of Turkmenistan, Serdar Berdimuhamedov has been meeting with the UAE Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, discussing large-scale transport system projects to be developed in Turkmenistan. Both sides have stated there are great prospects for establishing relations with foreign partners with extensive experience in this field, including well-known UAE companies.

According to the discussions, Turkmenistan’s International Seaport at Turkmenbashi is, at its current level is one of the largest transport centers of international importance in the East–West and North–South directions, and also fully meets the goals of establishing logistics chains with ports in the UAE, and for companies specializing in port management and logistics services.

It was noted that the implementation of joint projects can become the driving force of economic cooperation and open up new opportunities for attracting investment, creating mixed industries, forming a modern infrastructure system, and increasing cooperation in the banking and financial sphere between the two countries.

Al Nahyan confirmed the interest of representatives of the UAE business community in building up a productive partnership with Turkmenistan.

The INSTC is a developing transit corridor that bisects Iran north-south. It links to Pakistan and India via the Persian Gulf and of course the UAE and other Gulf partners. To the north of Iran, goods can travel in several directions from Iran’s Caspian Sea Ports. Via Turkmenistan, they can head east into Central Asia.

To the north, they can access the Russian heartland and the Volga River network via Ports at Lagan and Astrakhan, while west they can reach the Azerbaijani port of Baku and on towards the Caucasus, Turkiye and the southern European Union ports on the Black Sea.

Turkmenistan connectivity is important as the country is linked by rail to Uzbekistan, an important Central Asia consumer market in its own right.

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