China Cargo To Turkiye Reaches 9.9 Million Tonnes Over 10M 2022


Turkish ports handled 9.9 million tons of cargo from China from January through October 2022, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Türkiye has said.

According to the ministry, ships flying the Turkish flag delivered 36,655 tons of cargo, while ships under the flags of other countries – 9.7 million tons to local ports. During this period, 197,944 tons of transit cargo were transhipped by Chinese-flagged ships to Turkish ports. Meanwhile, 2.04 million tons of transit freight were delivered from China to Turkish ports.

Turkiye’s domestic ports handled 34.207 million tons of cargo in October 2022. In the reporting period, ships flying the flag of Türkiye transhipped 2.4 million tons, whereas ships under the flags of other countries equaled 31.78 million tons. In October 2022, ports of Türkiye delivered 6.3 million tons of transit cargo.

A total of 330.8 million tons of freight were transferred by Turkish ports in the first ten months of 2022. During this period, cargo traffic by ships under the Turkish flag amounted to 23.76 million tons, whilst by ships under the flags of other countries – 307.04 million tons. From January through October 2022, Turkish ports transhipped 66.99 million tons of transit cargo.

The data is important as it illustrates the growing demand for Turkiye as a transhipment route via the ‘Middle Corridor’ from China to Europe. Most goods will have arrived from Western China’s inland ports in Xinjiang Province, travelled via rail across Kazakhstan, crossed the Caspian Sea from Aqtau to the Azerbaijani Port at Baku. Alternative routes would have travelled by sea via the Suez Canal, however this is more time consuming and expensive.

Exporters from both countries can find trade easier to manage via the establishment of Representative Offices (RO). For intelligence about establishing a Representative Office in Turkiye, please see here. For establishing an Import-Export Office in China, please see here.

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