UAE Welcomes Syria ‘Back Into The Arabic Community”


Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian President, has arrived in the UAE on an official visit, and was received by UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Syria has endured a dreadful past decade, riven by civil war, and natural disasters as well as being subject to intense sanctions from the United States.

Sheikh Mohamed and Bashar Al Assad discussed the fraternal relations between the two countries and ways to strengthen cooperation and constructive joint work which would contribute to achieving their mutual interests. He emphasised his confidence in Syria’s ability and the determination of its people to overcome this ordeal and move Syria to a new era.

“Syria’s absence from its brothers has been long, and it is time for it to return to its Arab surroundings,” Sheikh Mohamed said. He emphasised the importance of making every effort to facilitate the dignified return of Syrian refugees to their country.

Sheikh Mohamed voiced the UAE’s support for the dialogue between Syria and Turkey to make progress in the dossier of the return of refugees to their country and reaffirmed the UAE’s support for Syria and its people in all circumstances.

He praised the Syrian community in the UAE and emphasized the depth of the UAE-Syria relationship.

The talks also touched on the importance of building on recent regional developments to achieve stability, security, and prosperity for the region’s countries and people, and emphasised the importance of bringing Syria back into the Arab fold by building bridges and strengthening relations among all Arab countries.

The Syrian President underscored that the UAE has always taken rational and ethical positions, and that it plays a positive and effective role in the Middle East to ensure strong inter-Arab relations.

Al Assad emphasized that the UAE’s role is consistent with the Syrian vision, which is aimed at strengthening inter-Arab relations in preparation for the joint Arab action. He thanked Sheikh Mohamed, the UAE government and people for their assistance to the Syrian people in dealing with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Due to Syria’s troubles, current bilateral trade has been modest and was just above US$725 million in 2020, with the bulk of that being UAE exports to the country. However, Syria is being reconstructed with the assistance of China and Russia. The country has significant oil and gas reserves.

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